By Andy Rowan / July 21, 2021

What herbs are flourishing in your corner of the world right now? These days I am wildcrafting St. John’s wort and gingko, tincturing California poppy and skullcap and drying anise hyssop, calendula and other wonderful medicinals. It’s a fine time to be thinking about tea blends and healing salves we can create come fall. Cold…

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Herbs for the Heart

By Andy Rowan / May 12, 2021

Spring is upon us and it is especially exciting this year to see and feel the new growth happening all around us. Sitting with the plants this season I am gravitating toward heart-supporting plants. These botanicals are often easily available so let’s take a look at a few. ​ Rose (Rosa rugosa) Rose petals are…

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Winter Warming Herbs

By Andy Rowan / January 28, 2021

Winter weather brings the need for extra warmth. Eating, drinking and ingesting herbs and food with warming effects support a state of wellness as winter can challenge our bodies. What herbs can we reach for mid-winter? Warming herbs can do their thing in tinctures, teas and food. Our body expends energy working to stay heated…

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