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Welcome! I discovered several years ago that engaging with and appreciating the gifts of the plants will lead to a healthier body, mind and spirit. I am intrigued by the relationships we can share and the unique abilities of the plants I feel drawn to. It is always exciting to meet a new botanical friend in the wild, on a city street or in a garden and learn its story.  ~Andy

We can explore the inherent power of plants and find better health.

We can live each day with more ease.

We can be more empowered to care for ourselves.

Let's work together on your healing journey.


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“Andy is super knowledgeable about plant medicine and she spent time with me to find the perfect mix to help with my anxiety. She is amazing at what she does and also such a kind caring woman. In addition to plant extracts used for calming, I swear by Andy’s Reishi Remedy. I’ve been using it for years- I take it at the first sign of a cold or sinus infection and it helps me to stay well."       ~Niki R.